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Vitamin C Face Serum (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)

Vitamin C Face Serum (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)


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Special Offer (Buy 1 Get 1 Free + FREE SHIPPING)

Vitamin C is good for your skin, Vitamin C not only helps repair free radical damage, but it brightens the skin and helps fade dark spots, vitamin C improving the skin’s texture and quality.

Here, the magic potion is, Vitamin C. This is an excellent ingredient that has been in immense hype past 2 years ever since it has been introduced in the beauty industries.

Even if many big international industries are considering it as the next big thing to happen in the future for eradicating hyperpigmentation and bringing a glass-like glow to the skin.

With this, many Indian brands have also stated the role of vitamin C in the beauty industry, of how it takes care of each skin issue. Vitamin C has proved itself to be an unbeatable ally for treating skincare issues. This is why lately, it is considered as the holy ingredient of all the skincare products.

But, what if you apply the ingredient directly on your skin without having the need to buy products that have a diluted mix of Vitamin C?

Well, here comes the formulation of Vitamin C serums!

Generating the perfect Vitamin C serum is not a child’s play.

Along with being expensive, the formulation needs extreme Alertness as the ingredient is pretty quick on oxidation.

A slight contact with air can destroy the elixir as it loses its charm.  In fact, even if the serums are untouched and unused for a long period of time over 6 months, it can create unwanted consequences. 

This is another reason why most of the Indian brands back off, when it comes to formulating Vitamin C serum, as it carries extreme risk in transporting,  packaging, and bottling.

A regular cosmetic brand may lack a lot of insights, but the best brand will make sure they provide the best products to their customers regardless of the medium on which they purchase it. 

Therefore, if you want a glass-like skin, instead of visiting the mall shelves that have a plethora of Vitamin C skincare serums, visit the web to purchase Vitamin C serum online

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 2 cm


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